How To Refresh A Page In React?

Tim Mouskhelichvili
Tim Mouskhelichvili
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When developing your next hit web application project in React, you may need to refresh a page. But how do you do it?

This article explains how to refresh a page in React, shows how to persist the state between reloads, and shows code examples.

Let's get to it 😎.

react reload page

Reloading a page in React

To refresh a page written in JavaScript, you can use the reload function provided by the location object.

Here is the function:


This function reloads the current URL and acts like the reload browser button.

To reload a page from a React application, use the same function.

Here is an example:

javascriptimport React from 'react';

export const App = () => {
    const refresh = () => window.location.reload(true)

    return (
        <button onClick={refresh}>Refresh</button>

When a user clicks on the button, the page will refresh.

Easy right?

But what if you need to maintain the application's state between page reloads?

Maintaining the state after a page refresh

You have multiple options to maintain an application's state after a page refreshes. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Use your browser's local storage.
  • Use the URL query parameters.
  • Utilize an external library (like Redux Persist).

Here is an example of how you can persist the state using local storage and React hooks:

javascriptimport React, {useEffect, useState} from 'react';

export const App = () => {
  const [count, setCount] = useState(1);

  useEffect(() => {
  }, []);

  useEffect(() => {
    window.localStorage.setItem("count", count);
  }, [count]);

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <h1>Count: {count}</h1>
      <button onClick={() => setCount(count + 1)}>Increment</button>
      <button onClick={() => window.location.reload(true)}>Refresh</button>

In this example, the count value is persisted inside your browser's local storage.

To test the state persistence, click the first button a few times to increment the counter.

Then, press the refresh button. When the page reloads the old count will appear!

How to refresh a page every 5 seconds?

To reload a page every X seconds, you can use the window.location.reload function inside a timeout.

Here is an example:

javascriptsetTimeout(() => { 
}, 5000);

Final thoughts

As you can see, refreshing a page is simple in JavaScript and React.

Use this new knowledge well in your next or current React project.

react refresh page

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