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Top Programming Memes

Here is an excellent selection of programming memes for you to enjoy.

1. Everybody loves NPM

JavaScript Round To 2 Decimal Places

2. Very glad that the for loop exists...

TypeScript for loop

3. Sometimes we think too much...

JavaScript Round To 2 Decimal Places

4. Sometimes we are glad to see the error sooner rather than later.

typescript error

5. Everyone wishes they could do TypeScript.

typescript vs javascript

6. Senior vs junior

senior vs junior

7. We are glad when it finally compiles...

happy compiling

8. It definitely happened a few times...

git reflog

9. No comments.

typescript try catch

10. We've all done it.

testing on production

11. Ahhhh, those PR reviews...

meme pr review

12. It's more fun to do them...

pr review

13. Not a bug...

not a bug, but a feature

14. We all have that family member.

programmer pc issue

15. Developer's life

bug on production

16. Coffee is life

developer coffee