Tim Mouskhelichvili • August 10, 2022 • 3 minutes to read
A common task for web developers when working on a React web application is to loop through an array of objects and render components for each item. Luckily, React with JavaScript offer different simple ways to archive it. To [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • August 9, 2022 • 3 minutes to read
One of the most typical tasks when working on a React application is rendering a list of objects as components. The easiest way to map an array of objects in React is to use the JavaScript map function. This [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • August 8, 2022 • 3 minutes to read
React provides a simple way of handling events for front-end developers. A common use case for React developers is passing an extra parameter through the onClick event to the callback function. Luckily, React makes it easy to do. This [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • August 6, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
React code is usually separated into components, independent bits of code that you can reuse. To pass data from component to component, developers can pass data as props. Sometimes, developers need to pass a function as a prop. Luckily [...]