Recession, inflation, and ChatGPT

Tim Mouskhelichvili
Tim Mouskhelichvili
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Hello, my dear friends! I hope you and your families are doing well.

As you all know, we are slowly heading into a recession. Inflation is still high. There is a backing crisis.

On the job market, layoffs are constantly happening in tech companies.

Not only that, but we frequently hear news about ChatGPT and other AIs replacing software engineers.

With all those bad news, it is understandable that many feel depressed, lonely, and angry.

But there is hope.

Sooner than later, the recession will end. The economy will be better. The crisis will end.

Companies will start hiring again.

The AIs will create new opportunities and possibly new professions in the tech sphere.

Don't despair!

Remember, after the rain INEVITABLY comes the sunshine.

Tip of the week

 Did you know that TypeScript provides multiple utility types to manipulate string types?

That's right!

Here is the list of the provided types:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Capitalize
  • Uncapitalize

Here is an example of those types in action:

typescript utility type

Cool right? Learn more about other utility types here.

Article of the week

Today's article will teach us about another important TypeScript utility type. We will learn about the Exclude utility type and how it works. Read the article here.

Thank you for reading.

See you next week!

Tim M.

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