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Tim Mouskhelichvili
Tim Mouskhelichvili
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Hello, I hope you and your family are doing great! 

We are already in March! Two months from 2023 have already passed. And it's a good time to do some introspection 👀.

How are your goals doing? Did you make some progress? Did you make any progress?

Or have you been slacking?

If yes, it's not too late.

2023 still has ten months left 😉. 

What are you waiting for? Start now so that you won't regret it later.

Tip of the week

Let's say you want to extract the keys from a TypeScript interface. How do you do it? 

Easy! You need to use the keyof operator.

The keyof operator extracts the keys of the provided type and returns them in a new union type.

keyof operator

You can even extract the keys of a constant by using keyof typeof.

Cool right?

Article of the week

For today's article, we will revise the spread operator in TypeScript. We will see what it is AND go through all its use cases. Also, you will learn the difference between the spread and the rest operators.

Find out more by reading this article.

Blog update

This month, I plan to redesign the blog's main page. The main page will have links to my latest posts, videos, and top categories. I am planning to update the design in mid-march. 

I also plan to reshuffle the links in the site's menu so users can find what they want more quickly.

YouTube update

My latest Youtube video is out. It explains how to initialize an empty typed object in TypeScript. Check it out here.

Thank you for reading. 

See you next week!

Tim M.

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