How to round to 2 decimal places in JavaScript?

Tim Mouskhelichvili
Tim Mouskhelichvili
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When it comes to rounding a number to two decimal places in JavaScript, a developer has a lot of options. It can be done with:

  1. The toFixed() function.

  2. The Math.round() function.

  3. A helper function.

  4. The lodash round() function.

In this article, I will explain, in detail, how to use each one of them, as well as show real-life examples for better understanding.

Let's get to it 😎.

JavaScript Round To 2 Decimal Places

How to round a number using the toFixed() function?

The first and easiest solution is to use the toFixed() function.

typescriptconst number = 18.154;

// The output of this is: 18.15

This method is the easiest but not the most accurate one.

For example: for 4.005 it will give 4.

JavaScript Round To 2 Decimal Places

How to round a number using the Math.round() function?

You can round a number to 2 decimal places by using the Math.round() function.

typescriptconst number = 18.154;

// The output of this is: 18.15
console.log(Math.round((number + Number.EPSILON) * 100) / 100);

How to round a number using a custom helper function?

You can also round a number by creating a helper function that will use the Math.round() function and some JavaScript magic.

typescriptconst number = 18.154;

function roundTo(n, place) {    
    return +(Math.round(n + "e+" + place) + "e-" + place);

// The output of this is: 18.15
console.log(roundTo(number, 2));

How to round a number with lodash?

Rounding a number can be hard to do by yourself because you need to think about a lot of use cases.

JavaScript Round To 2 Decimal Places

That's why you can install a library that will do it for you. I like to use the lodash library, which is a library that contains a lot of utility functions to use.

Here is a how to round a number with lodash:

javascriptimport { round } from 'lodash';

// The output of this is: 18.15
console.log(round(18.154, 2));

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have a lot of options to round a number to a specific decimal place in JavaScript.

Which to choose is a matter of preference. For my part, most of the time, I use a helper function method that I create in my utils and import when I need to.

Finally, here are some of my other related JavaScript tutorials:

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Ngayu Paul September 18, 2023 19:25PM
Thank you, Tim. This helped a lot. I think I'll be contacting you to work on projects.
cemal tapan February 21, 2023 07:28AM
Hi Tim, Math.round((5123.275 + Number.EPSILON) * 100) / 100 gives as output 5123.57, shouldn't it be 5123.28?
Tim Mouskhelichvili February 21, 2023 09:34AM
Hello cemal,
When I do this formula:
Math.round((5123.275 + Number.EPSILON) * 100) / 100
It gives the correct result of 5123.27
Could you recheck the formula?
Lex March 19, 2023 15:09PM
That\'s not correct 5123.275 should round to 5123.28 as Cemal stated, not 5123.27
Marline k March 23, 2022 21:07PM
I like your very constructive articles