Tim Mouskhelichvili • June 22, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
Git is the most popular version control software because it offers a simple process for tracking code changes. To push some code changes, you first need to stage them using the git add command. This brings the question of [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • June 11, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
The git diff command helps developers see the changes between two data sources (commits, branches, etc.). However, sometimes this command shows whitespace differences between two commits. This behavior can be annoying for some developers. Luckily, Git offers many [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • May 14, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
Sometimes, developers need to quickly commit and skip the hooks set up on the Git repository. Luckily, developers can easily skip those hooks because the git commit command provides a handy option called no verify. To skip the pre-commit [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • May 13, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
Often, developers encounter situations where they need to trigger a new build without changing the repository's code. Luckily, this is easy to do because Git allows committing empty commits. To commit an empty commit, use the git commit --allow-empty [...]