Tim Mouskhelichvili • June 13, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
Git quickly became the most popular and the de-facto choice of most developers' version control software. It provides many commands that make tracking code changes easy. Some of those commands are popular (like git push or git commit), and [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • April 24, 2022 • 2 minutes to read
Git tags are pointers to specific commits used to mark release versions or as bookmarks. Sometimes, however, developers might want to remove a tag from a remote server or the local repository. To remove a local tag in Git [...]
Tim Mouskhelichvili • April 22, 2022 • 4 minutes to read
In Git, tags are used to create references to specific commits. Think of a tag as a checkpoint in your application development history. Typically, tags are used to mark release versions (for example, v1.0.1). Luckily, it is [...]