Anatomic Locations (Library)

Tim Mouskhelichvili
Tim Mouskhelichvili
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In 2022, I had the opportunity to create a TypeScript library that allows the exploration and representation of body parts.

This library, designed to be used in large applications for radiology clinics, makes it easy for a user to navigate and explore the body parts (represented in a tree of nodes).

anatomic location

This library is called BodyPartIndex and was made using:

  • TypeScript
  • WebPack
  • Jest
  • yarn

My responsibilities

The project started with me working with the client to determine the requirements and break the project into smaller tasks (using the agile process).

Then, I created the architecture of the project and implemented it.

Here is a code portion from the project:

typescriptexport class BodyPartIndex {

    public get (selector: string): BodyPart | null {
        let bodyPart = this.getById(selector);
        if (bodyPart) {
            return bodyPart;

        bodyPart = this.getByCode(selector);
        if (bodyPart) {
            return bodyPart;

        return null;

After, I created unit tests to make the code less prone to breaking when future changes occur.

Finally, I pushed the code to NPM and helped the client onboard.

Final thoughts

Overall, the development process was smooth, and I enjoyed working with the client on this project.

The fact that this library will be used in the medical field, helping save lives, makes me extra proud.

It's for those kinds of projects that I became a developer.

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